The Lambda Covid-19 Variant is Now Spreading Beyond Latin America
While the world reels under the effects of the Delta variant, a new Covid-19 mutation is now on the radar of several countries.The Lambda variant, or C.37, believed to have originated from Peru, was designated as a “variant of interest”...
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KN95 Quick Summary
KN95 – stands for the regulatory standard for filtering facepiece respirators that are certified in China. KN95 respiratory masks – masks that are regulated by the Chinese government under regulations GB2626-2006, GB262-2019, and GB19083-2010. KN95 masks provide 95% protection against all...
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How to Properly Disinfect and Decontaminate KN95 Face Masks for Re-Use?
Yes, KN95 face masks are reusable, but you have to do it right. This guide shares the proper way to disinfect and decontaminate your KN95 mask.
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