Some common questions about Brookwood Medical

Do you Accept Government Purchase Orders?

Yes we do. We are registered in the Vendor Portals of all Fifty States.

Do you have a W-9?

Yes, please email us and we will gladly provide you with the document and a quote for your needs.

Which mask is best for me?  

Well, that depends on how, when and where you will be using your mask. Our Mesh Masks are great for warmer climates since the 3d mesh material allows airflow in and out of the mask.  Our neoprene face masks feature an ultra stretch neoprene construction that keeps the mask snug against your face. Neoprene is the same material wetsuits are made of so it handles moisture with no issues. Neoprene would be the choice for cooler climates.  

Do your filters really have 5 layers inside?   

Yes, we are calling it a 5 layer filter, but it actually has 6.  We cut open a sample filter from each shipment to inspect the inside and verify that they are up to our specs. The layers are: 1. Medical grade non-woven soft fabric that goes against your face. 2. 1st layer of blow melt fine filter material 3. 2nd layer of blow melt fine filter material. 4. Non woven fabric 5. Activated Charcoal infused non woven fabric layer for organic odor removal. 6. Outer non woven filter material catches large particles and dust. 

    Will your mask keep me from getting Covid-19?   

    While no mask can say that it will keep you 100% safe.  Our masks when used correctly will help cut down your chances of breathing unhealthy air full of bad stuff. Our masks are much more effective at stopping contaminants than wearing a homemade fabric, sponge or surgical type mask that leak around the edges. The effectiveness of our masks comes from the seal made between the filter and your face. The incoming air goes through the filter where fine particles are trapped in the blow melt fabric layer. Having a good seal all the way around your face is vital to the mask's effectiveness. 

    Care Instructions

    The outside shell of our masks is washable, we recommend hand washing with mild soap and water the shell of the mask with the filter and valves removed. Hang dry. The filter is not washable but it is removable and replaceable, use care when handling or replacing the filter, wash your hands with soap and water each time after handling your mask.  Inspect the valves each time you replace the filter, they should be intact with no tears or holes in the silicone flapper. The mask should be worn tight enough to form a proper seal between you and the filter inside the mask, any gaps between you and the filter will cause leaks and affect its performance.