How Risky is Flying Without a Face Mask? - Brookwood Medical
Face Masks are still important, even with today's "low risk” is not “no risk” and there have been documented cases of Covid-19 transmission on flights, including a domestic flight. In addition due to the difficulty in figuring out when a person became infected, also leaves the likelihood they were infected while traveling. Whether in the Airport, on the Airplane, there is the chance even with the airplanes filters, the person next to you might be sick, and end up spreading it to you. Caution is encouraged.  
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3PLY vs KN95 Face Masks - Brookwood Medical
At the beginning of the pandemic, health officials said not to buy surgical ones or other forms of PPE. They needed to go to hospitals, which were running low on these supplies. Fast forward to 2021, PPE production has escalated, and people...
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