At the beginning of the pandemic, health officials said not to buy surgical ones or other forms of PPE. They needed to go to hospitals, which were running low on these supplies. Fast forward to 2021, PPE production has escalated, and people...
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How to Wash Cloth Face Masks?
The great thing about cloth face masks is that you are able to reuse them again and again as long as you wash them properly. Click here to learn more.
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How to Properly Wear Reusable Face Masks?
Reusable face masks are the most effective when worn the proper way. Here is how to correctly wear a face mask to ensure maximum protection.
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Best Cloth Face Masks For Sale
More than a full year has passed since the first coronavirus case was confirmed in the United States on January 21st, 2020. In early February, the US government declared a public health emergency and the following month a national emergency was declared....
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