Neoprene Ultra Sports Face Mask with Premium Filter
Neoprene Ultra Sports Face Mask with Premium Filter
Neoprene Ultra Sports Face Mask with Premium Filter
Neoprene Ultra Sports Face Mask with Premium Filter
Neoprene Ultra Sports Face Mask with Premium Filter
Neoprene Ultra Sports Face Mask with Premium Filter

Neoprene Ultra Sports Face Mask with Premium Filter


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The Neoprene Ultra Sports Face Mask is available in a variety of colors, this washable mask provides safety and comfort simultaneously. The mask is stylish and great for daily use and comfort, helping you breathe easier. 

  • This foldable mask is made from 5-ply neoprene fabric.
  • The ear-loop provides the extra comfort that you might need during daily use, especially over prolonged periods at work or the gym.
  • The double air valve design makes breathing easier, and the comfort nose support makes sure the mask is sitting evenly and gently.
  • It will not slide around your face during heavy activity, but it is also light enough to not be overbearing.
  • Fully reusable, this mask features a removable filter that is easily replaced. The mask itself is completely foldable and washable. The amount of material saved by using reusable masks like these add up, and keeping the Earth healthy should be a priority, too.
  • Without Smell of Glue: Most of Neoprene Face Mask in the market are with smell of glue and very uncomfortable to wear. Our Neoprene Masks made of neoprene fabric laminated with high quality soft & elastic cloth and glue without smell
  • Replaceable 95% Filter: Activated carbon layer and melt-brown layer in the filter block out 95 percent of what is in the air.
  • Breathing Valves: One way exhaust valves on both sides of the neoprene masks will close to guarantee no leak and filter the incoming air when  breathe in and open when Breathe out . Rapid air flow valve allows for easy and natural breathing. 
  • Multi-Function Neoprene Material: The neoprene material is washable, durable, stain-resistant, anti-dust, and It feels soft and flexible.  So the neoprene face mask is Reusable, Portable and Comfortable
  • Velcro Strap: The Adjustable Velcro Strap could make the filter mask fit your face better.
  • Adjustable Nose Clip: Make the neoprene masks tight to face and Prevent fogging.
  • The neoprene face mask is stretchable and adjustable, this makes it comfortable around your face while creating a solid seal that filtrates up to 95% of the air.
  • The dual valve exhaust provides one-way easy breathing, expels moisture, and optimizes temperature.  It never gets hot inside the face mask. 

With as much focus on comfort as safety. With a color to match your style, you can look as good as you feel sporting the Primo Ultra Face Mask with Ear Loop.




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Customer Reviews

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Tom Harris
works great

Love this mask. Easy to breath and having to wear glasses little to no fogging.

Queen T

The mask feels great and is very breathable during my workouts.

virgil williams

Neoprene Sports Face Mask with Premium Filter

Antonio R. Rodriguez
Best Filters

Works well. Easy to change. Used it everyday.

Arcadio DeVera
Fits great.

Its comfortable and fits well.