KN95 Face Masks - CE Certified (Civilian)
KN95 Face Masks - CE Certified (Civilian)
KN95 Face Masks - CE Certified (Civilian)
KN95 Face Masks - CE Certified (Civilian)
KN95 Face Masks - CE Certified (Civilian)
KN95 Face Masks - CE Certified (Civilian)
KN95 Face Masks - CE Certified (Civilian)
KN95 Face Masks - CE Certified (Civilian)

KN95 Face Masks - CE Certified (Civilian)


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Buy KN95 Disposable Face Masks In Stock

Our KN95 face masks for sale are FDA and CE Certified and made in accordance with industry standards with an FFP2 rating. KN95 masks were recently approved as a suitable alternative to the N95 respirator mask due to the shortage of availability. This 5-ply mask has up to 99% filtration efficiency and is ideal for everyday, civilian use. Our KN95 dust masks are supplied in individual cellophane packets, sealed for hygiene. We have the best reviews for KN95 masks online
We suggest you do not attempt to re-use the masks. Simply dispose of them after each use and wear a new disposable mask each time you need to. Purchase in packs of 20 or 50 masks.


We do not recommend the KN95 medical or surgical use, however, Brookwood Medical's KN95 CE certified masks do have a 98% filtration rating, equivalent to the FDA-approved KN95 medical masks.

Our KN95 disposable face mask is equivalent to ATSM Level 1filtration certification standard.

We warehouse our face masks in New Jersey, which enables us to offer same day free shipping.

Face Mask Filtration Guide


What is the difference between the KN95 and N95? - Brookwood Medical's KN95 mask is an approved and suitable equivalent to the N95 face respirator, according to both 3M and the CDC. Brookwood Medical has the best KN95 masks for sale and the KN95 is one of the best masks for beating Coronavirus.

Exposure to transmissible respiratory pathogens can often be reduced or possibly avoided through Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks. KN95 masks (FFP2) could be an effective method of protection for COVID 19 (Coronavirus).

kn95 face mask filtration example

5 layer - self-inhalation filter type particulate respirator disposable. Effectively block particles such as haze, dust, and pollen. Soft and adjustable elastic earloops for comfortable fitting.

Size: 15.5( ± 0.5)cm x 10.5 (± 0.5)cm

Breathability: GB2626-2006 <=250 Pa/cm²

  1. Outer Layer: PP Non-woven 50gms± 1gsm
  2. Outer Layer: Melt-blown 25 GSM ± 1gsm
  3. Middle Layer: Filter Sponge 45 GSM ± 1gsm
  4. Inner Layer: Melt-Blown 25 GSM ± 1gsm
  5. Inner Layer: Pro - muscle Non-woven 25 GSM ± 1gsm
Disposable KN95 (FFP2) masks, made of high-quality material, safe, soft, and comfortable. Our KN95 is a non-medical, non-surgical standard mask, recommended for industrial or everyday civilian use. The mask has a 98% filtration rate and provides anti-bacterial and anti-dust protection. You can buy our KN95 masks online and we hold stock for next day shipping. The elastic straps and adjustable nose clip help adjust the mask to different face shapes and sizes. 
  • Anti droplet transmission
  • Antipollution
  • Anti-Dust
  • Anti Bacteria
  • Filter bacteria, germ, and harmful substance in the air, 
  • Color: White
  • Size: adult
  • Material: high-quality non woven fabric
Material: Non-woven Fabric
Standard: GB2626-2006 KN95
Protection Class: KN95
Filtering Rate: ≥98% (0.075μm particles)
Applications: industrial use. Non-medical

How to fit your KN95 Standard Face mask 
  1. Hold mask by ear loops
  2. Place mask over nose and mouth
  3. Secure with ear loops
  4. Press down on nose clips to fit
  5. Breathe out checking for escaping air
  6. Avoid touching your face at all time
how to wear a disposable face mask step 1
Brookwood Medical Face Mask Return Policy

Brookwood Medical will not accept returns on face masks due to hygiene reasons.

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