Kids Mesh Sports Face Mask - Activewear Mask
Kids Mesh Sports Face Mask - Activewear Mask
Kids Mesh Sports Face Mask - Activewear Mask
Kids Mesh Sports Face Mask - Activewear Mask
Kids Mesh Sports Face Mask - Activewear Mask
Kids Mesh Sports Face Mask - Activewear Mask
Kids Mesh Sports Face Mask - Activewear Mask

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Kids Mesh Sports Face Mask - Activewear Mask


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Breathable Face Mask with Valves, Sports Masks with Exhalation Valves, Active Carbon Dust Mask, Standard Size (Stretchy and Adjustable)

It's usable in all outdoor sports pursuits where high levels of dust are present. Urban cycling, Mountain-biking, Running, Snowboarding, Moto-X, Skiing Climbing, Exhaust, Viral influenza, Industrial emission, Dust allergies and PM 5 Layer Premium Filter.

For any mask to perform to its maximum it must be able to seal properly around the nose and mouth so that as much of the air that is being inhaled is passing through the filter. If is not passing through the filter then no matter how effective the filter is, the user will still be inhaling unfiltered air.

All our masks are made from soft texture materials, being resiliently stretchable it allows the mask to comfort easily to varying facial features, sealing around the face, great seal and comfortable fit.

  • Package Includes - 1 pcs mask, 1 pcs filter, 2 valves
  • Mask - Durable & breathable & reusable & washable
  • Vented Design - The Valves will open when expiration and it will close when breathing in
  • Replaceable filter provides better protection for you.
  • Suitable for workout, gym, and daily use.
  • Made for Kids.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
denise wofford
Great fit

Fits well on my 6year old and 3 year old! I really like them.

Linda Brousseau
Perfect for my kid at her basketball games

My kid was gasping for air with her cloth mask, but woth this sport mask--not only does it match one of her school colors of blue, it helps her breathe easily. Her face is not all red from limited air access and she can steady her breathing while she is running on the court. Fit is great for my 10 year old who is skinny.

Paris Flowers
Great Choice!

Bought for my 9 yr old. Really gud mask he said he can breathe really well with it on,which was very important because he has allergies & asthma.

Chris Moore
Excellent product and customer service

I loved the masks I purchased for my family for our Disney trip. However, while at Disney the valve on my mask fell off without me knowing. I expressed my concern to Brookwood and they immediately sent me new valves without me even asking. Excellent customer service and I’m so happy I get to continue to wear my mask, especially since I’m an elementary teacher.

Breanna Taylor
Easy to breath

BUT the ear holes are not in the right place for me and it still wants to slip down.