5PLY - 5 Layer Protective Face Mask, K95, K95 Mask, Kf95 Mask - 5 PLY

5PLY - 5 Layer Protective Face Mask, K95, K95 Mask, Kf95 Mask - 5 PLY


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5PLY - 5 Layer Protective Face Masks, will at least 95% Air Filtration.
  • CE Certified
  • Non-Medical Use
  • Foldable Mask
  • Superior to 3PLY
  • Perfect for Double Masks
  • Disposable Face Mask
  • FDA Certified
  • Can be reused a couple times depending on Use.
Comes in packs of:
  • 20 Masks
  • 30 Masks
  • 50 Masks
  • 100 Masks
  • 250 Masks
  • 500 Masks
  • 1000 Masks
  • 2000 Masks
Disposable Mask
Disposable Face Mask
Disposable Face Masks
K95, K95 Mask, Kf95 Mask
  1. Hold mask by ear loops
  2. Place mask over nose and mouth
  3. Secure with ear loops
  4. Press down on nose clips to fit
  5. Breathe out checking for escaping air
  6. Avoid touching your face at all time

    Why We're Different

    Our products are made in carefully chosen factories, manufactured with highest quality, and oversight, and all the proper certifications.

    We are family-owned and operated business in the USA. We ship our orders on the same day they are placed right out of New Jersey.

    We are a FDA Registered Medical Device Company, which means our products surpass the highest level of criteria for the testing of harmful chemicals and synthetics. Unlike other Personal Protection Brands, we do not sell inauthentic products.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    john T.
    Good masks

    Comfortable, easy to breath and a good seal.

    Best mask I have had

    These KN95 masks are better than all the other masks I have used - thicker layered, lot more breathing room, better fit.

    John I.
    Great mask

    These are the best mask I’ve come across. I wear them in the gym and have very good breathability. On my 2nd purchase of 50 mask now.

    Sherry Bay

    Great mask! Delivered fast..

    Wanda Mindlin

    Really like the masks! And there is no chemical smell!