What is the Difference Between KN95 and N95 Mask?

What is the Difference Between KN95 and N95 Mask?

The spread of the CoronaVirus is continuously monitored by several medical authorities around the world including the CDC. The authorities still recommend the use of a washable face mask for all (those vaccinated as well as those yet to be). 

You have the option of buying many different types of masks depending on the application and who it is meant for. There are several stores and eCommerce sites offering masks like the cotton face masks for sale. This article provides an essential insight into this. 

What Type of face mask is best for you?

Being fully vaccinated reduces the chances of catching or spreading coronavirus however, wearing a mask also contributes towards this cause. There are many types of masks one can buy. In fact, it is more convenient to buy online since you can do so from the convenience of your home and also do your research at the same time. Listed here are some of the popular masks for coronavirus for sale:

  • Reusable cotton face mask
  • KN95 face mask with valve
  • Kids KF94 Disposable mask
  • Primo Mesh Sports Face Mask
  • 2 Layer Fabric Face mask
  • Face Mask with Adjustable Ear Loops & Nose Wire
  • Cloth Face masks


1. Should a Face Mask have a nose wire?
It is not uncommon for a mask to slip down if not worn or if you do not select a good one. A poorly manufactured mask without sufficient support will slide down the face. Opting for one with a nose wire will ensure it remains in place.

2. What can I use as a Nose Wire for a face mask?
There are several DIY options for a nose wire on your face mask that might not have one. Some of the common solutions include a floral wire, pipe cleaners, introducing plates, or placing a clip of some kind.

3. Are face masks with nose wire washable?
Yes, one does have the option of buying a face mask with nose wire that is also washable and reusable.

4. How do you put a nose wire in a cotton mask?
A cotton mask can be fitted with a nose wire by implementing a floral wire inside it.

Benefits of Buying Face Mask Online

It is a good practice to do some research prior to buying any product. The same applies to personal protection equipment like a face mask for virus protection. Doing it over the Internet means you can research the product and also buy it from the convenience of your house at any time of the day. Brookwood Med is an eCommerce website based in New Jersey, USA and is an authorized provider of personal protection equipment to hospitals, municipalities, government agencies as well as private businesses. 


Face masks continue to play a vital role in keeping us safe. It makes sense to invest in a reusable face mask with adjustable loops and nose wire to ensure they stay in place. Brookwood Med is the ideal place to buy a face mask online.