Think Covid is Over? Think Again

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all the countries around the world. Several sectors in USA like offices and educational institutes had to make drastic changes. Besides having to wear a mask and maintain social distancing many people face being locked down in their houses. Wearing masks was a new normal. The vaccines brought us a big relief and now a high percentage of people across the USA are vaccinated. 

The Coronavirus restrictions have been removed in many states and cities around the USA and things are slowly limping back to normal. However, several events occurring across the  globe in places like China are raising alarms in the USA. This article provides more information about this and how one can prepare for it.  

How To Prepare for the Potential Covid-19 Issues in 2022? 

China has recently reported a new outbreak of a variant of the COVID-19 virus and has also reintroduced the citywide lockdowns in fact, they have reported as many as 1350 new cases in the second week of April 2022. In USA, the number of people hospitalized due to COVID-19 is on the decline. In fact the 7 day average as of first week of April for deaths stood at 412 while cases were 23507. 

Almost all states across USA predict that the cases are likely to decline to almost nil in four weeks time. At the same time it is hard to ignore the several variants creeping in various cities around world and the fact that there has been a recent outbreak of a variant in China is also a worry.  

One of the other reasons for low cases being reported is that tests kits are now available for people to test themselves. Hence, a large number of  potential cases might be going unreported as well. It is thus, in everyone’s interest to vaccinate themselves add also take the booster shots. It is also a good idea to stock up on appropriate masks for every occasion for all present in the family. 

Where To Shop For Your Masks 

Shop for masks for children, adults and those for special occasions and sporting events. The obvious method to buy the masks is from an eCommerce store online. This way you do not need to spend additional time visiting a store. It also takes an additional effort and costs more to visit the store.  

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While we recover from their pandemic; it is important to keep in mind that the variants of the virus are still a cause  for concern; especially since air  travel is also slowly returning to normal. More countries are relaxing the rules and more tourists are now visiting USA. At times like this one needs to be prepared with the right masks like those available at Brookwood Med. We stock many types of masks like adult masks, sports masks and more.