Everything You Need To Know About KN95 Mask

Everything You Need To Know About KN95 Mask

The Covid-19 global pandemic is far from over. Despite the fact that more people are getting vaccinated every day and taking precautions, there is still the risk from CoronaVirus. 

In fact, CDC recommends all medical personnel use an N95 medical face mask to stay safe. Surgical masks are also effective while trying to gain safety. It is a good practice for others to also be careful in public places by maintaining social distance and wearing masks.

What is the Difference Between a Surgical Mask and N95 Mask?

  • The Surgical disposable face mask and the N95 respirator have different functions.
  • A surgical mask is disposable personal protection equipment that protects one from contaminants. It protects one from liquid splash, moisture, blood spray, and more.
  • The surgical mask helps block large contaminants but is not very effective when it comes to blocking small particles like those transmitted by cough or sneeze.
  • An N95 face mask provides respiratory protection while a surgical mask loosely covers the mouth and nose.
  • Unlike the surgical mask, the N95 is built to a strict (American) standard. They are usually a tight fit on all users to provide maximum protection.
  • CDC recommends all medical personnel use N95 masks since it provides a high level of protection from the CoronaVirus.

Interesting Facts

  • What is a Surgical Mask?

This is a loose-fitting disposable mask that provides some form of protection. It is effective in preventing blood splash since it covers the mouth and nose thus protecting from infection. It is not very effective at filtering airborne particles.

  • What is the N95 Mask?

This is essentially a protective respirator that is highly efficient at filtering airborne particles. It has been specially designed to be a tight fit to ensure it can filter 95% of the particles with a mass median diameter of 0.3 micrometers. 

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