New Covid Threat & How Masks Can Help?

New Covid Threat & How Masks Can Help? - Brookwood Medical

COVID-19 made a considerable impact on all industries and people. We were glad when it was over, and the vaccines made it safe to move freely. However, the threats from the many variants of CoronaVirus continue to linger. A new variant in 2023 may be a cause for concern and is spreading in several countries. 

The famous saying "Precaution is better than cure" fits perfectly in this case. It pays to be more careful than having to visit the hospital later. One can take several steps, like washing hands more often, avoiding coming in close contact with other people, and investing in a good face mask. This article provides more information on the best masks for you.

Tips For Wearing Masks

  • Wearing masks is a good prevention since they protect you from infection from people coughing, sneezing, or talking close to you.
  • Masks can protect you from other people that might be infected, and since not everyone wears a mask, this can be beneficial.
  • It is best not to touch the mask after putting it on and washing your hands before touching it to put it on or take it off.
  • There are many types of masks, like cotton face masks, N95 masks for adults, and kids, sports masks, etc. However, children below two years old shouldn't wear a mask.
  • The KN95 mask is a 5 PLY mask with five layers and can effectively filter out air particles. It is available in multiple colors if one needs it to go with their clothes. It offers 95% air filtration protection and is built to Chinese standards. The five layers include the first layer, a non-woven cotton layer that provides structural support. The second layer is the filter layer that filters particles. The third layer is also a filter layer, and the fourth layer is a spun-bound non-woven cotton layer that provides structural support. The 5th layer is non-woven cotton meant to provide structural support, shape the mask, and not irritable the skin. 
  • The 3 PLY mask is also a comfortable one designed for comfort. The innermost layer is the one that is soft and very gentle on the skin, while the outer layer is a high-density filter. This is effective in covering the nose and mouth and is ideal for extended wear like traveling. It is best for nonmedical use, office wear, schools, and another purpose. This, too, is available in several colors.
  • The KF94 face mask is a Kid's mask with several protective layers as well. The inner layer is gentle on the skin and can absorb moisture. At the same time, the outer layer is leak-proof with a high-density filter. It is pleasant to wear and well-designed, making it ideal for schools, shopping, camping, and traveling.
  • Special sports masks are available for those involved.

Where to Buy Good Masks?

It is advisable to buy your masks online since it saves the trouble of visiting the store and being exposed to other people. Brookwood Med is an eCommerce store that stocks various masks for adults and children. We are an authorized provider of personal protection equipment to hospitals, municipalities, government agencies, and several businesses. You can buy high-quality masks from our store and take advantage of our fast shipping and excellent customer service.  


Masks kept us safe during the COVID-19 outbreak and can continue to do so now with the looming threats of the several variants. Buy your masks online from Brookwood Med for all in the family. It helps one save time and money from visiting a store.