All Parents Need To Know About KF94 Kids Masks

All Parents Need To Know About KF94 Kids Masks

Masks are highly effective in protecting one from the risk of COVID-19, which a high percentage have become aware of in recent years. Masks are effective in many other ways as well. They are helpful in preventing one from contracting many different types of airborne viruses as well as ideal in several situations like crowds, smoke, dusty places, etc. There are special masks available for your children as well, which can also protect from the new threat of the CoronaVirus variants. 

There are special kids' masks available that can help protect your children, especially when they are in public places. Convincing them, they need to keep it on in public places like a daycare center is not an easy task. This article provides more information about buying a kid's mask.

Tips To Buy Kids Masks

  • Parents tend to be paranoid about their children when it comes to the threat of COVID-19, especially since kids below 12 are not yet vaccinated.
  • There are many types of masks available for parents to buy for their children, and the KF94 mask is one of them.
  • KF94 is made to South Korean standards that filter 94% of the particles 0.3 microns in size and larger. 
  • The KF94 mask is similar to the KN95 mask, which is made to Chinese standards. 
  • It is important that the face mask is a good fit, especially when buying for children. If air escapes easily around the corner, it will not be effective.
  • The KF94 mask is available in several sizes and might not be adjustable.
  • This mask has a special nose clip for better fitting. This is ideal for kids with glasses.
  • The shape of this mask also makes it ideal for children because it is wide and flat hence covering the mouth completely.
  • Masks are not for children under the age of 2.
  • Some of the most effective masks for children are the KF94 and KN95 masks.
  • A double mask, like a cloth mask over a medical or surgical mask, is also effective. 
  • The N95 mask is ideal for older children. 
  • A medical mask is less effective, and a cloth mask is the least effective one.

Buying Kids Masks Online

There are many benefits of buying masks for your children online. Besides the obvious advantage of being able to buy it from the comfort of your living room and the fact that it is a big time saver, there are several other benefits of buying online. The eCommerce stores tend to have a wider range of masks and good offers too. Buying online is also ideal for those who do their research online prior to purchase.

Brookwood Med is one such eCommerce store that stocks a wide range of masks for kids. We sell nothing but the best masks for everyone, adults, sports people, and kids. One of the most popular masks available for kids is the disposable KF94 face mask.


It is quite understandable for a parent to be worried regarding the safety of their children, especially with the new threats of a Covid-19 variant. Masks are quite effective in preventing the spread of a virus and unwanted particles. Buying them online from an eCommerce store like Brookwood Med will put your mind at ease. We sell high-quality masks for children that are both effective and comfortable to wear.