5 Layer 5PLY Disposable Face Masks

There are many types of masks however, they can be categorised into two main categories like disposable and reusable ones. The reusable ones as the name suggests can be washed and reused. While the disposable ones are usually meant for single use. It might be possible to use it a couple of times but it must be disposed of after that; it cannot be washed. 

It is still essential to wear a mask in some places in the USA. This applies to those who are vaccinated as well due to the recent COVID-19 variants. This article provides more information on disposable masks including masks for children.

Types of Disposable Face Masks

Wearing masks and maintaining social distance are two popular solutions for dealing with the global pandemic. There are many types of masks like single layer, double layer, and multiple layer masks. 

5PLY - 5-Layer Disposable Face Mask

It is beneficial to use masks with layers since the more the layers the better the protection. Some of the popular disposable masks include:

  • 5ply - 5 Layer Disposable Face mask: This is a multiple layer mask that folds and is easy to use. It is comfortable to use and breathable as well. It is a 5 layer mask that offers a high degree of protection.
  • 3ply disposable face mask: This too is a disposable mask with 3 layers. It is breathable, soft, and comfortable made from non-woven fabric. It has highly elastic ear loops that are not easy to break. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is one size that fits all.
  • 2Ply - Disposable face mask: As the name suggests this is a 2 layer mask that also offers a high degree of protection. It is usually made from skin-friendly material and is also environmentally friendly. It is usable both indoors and outdoors.

Benefits of the 5 Layer Disposable Face Mask

The 5 layers disposable mask offers 95% filtration of air particles like dust, smog, viruses, etc. Disposable masks lower the risk since they are meant to be disposed of after a single use. 

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