5 Breathable Face Masks to Wear All Summer

There are many types of masks available. These masks help filter dust particles and viruses that are airborne. They also help prevent the spread of the virus when one coughs or sneezes. There are masks with filters and simple masks as well. The comfort level of these masks differs, and depending on the type of mask you wear, the breathable level also differs.

Some popular masks include bandanas, cloth masks, disposable masks, barrier face covering, neck gaiters, N95, KN95, N99, N100, etc. The weather dictates the type of masks you should wear. Summers are usually hotter and require a more breathable mask to help you stay cool. This article lists the best breathable masks for summer, including masks for children.

Top 5 Breathable Adult Faces Masks for Summer:

  1. Premium 5 PLY – 5 Layer Disposable Face Mask: This is a premium face mask that filters out 95% of air and is 5 PLY. It is comfortable to wear and available in multiple colours and effects.
  2. Reusable Cotton Face Mask – 3PLY: This premium unisex face mask is of high quality. It is a 3 ply 100% sustainable cotton mask that is very comfortable to wear. It offers protection, absorbs sweat, and is comfortable.
  3. Plaid Face Mask: This simple cotton face mask is available in multiple colours.
  4. 3 PLY Disposable Face Mask: This is a breathable disposable mask available in various colours. They are suitable for homes and other places like schools, offices, supermarkets, factories, etc. 
  5. Mesh sports Mask – 5 Layer Carbon Activated Filter: This washable and reusable face mask makes breathing easier. It is safe and comfortable to use; besides this, it is also stylish. It is good for daily use and a workout like cycling and other outdoor activities.

Benefits of Buying Online 

Masks are available at many places; however, it is a good practice to buy them online. Buying them online saves a great deal of time and money. It saves you the trouble of visiting the store to buy them. Brookwood Med is one eCommerce store where one can buy a wide range of masks, including the KN95 respirator. You can buy them from the comfort of your home or office and any time of the day.

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Masks keep us safe; however, our masks can be highly uncomfortable during summer. The hotter it gets, it tends to become hard to breathe and uncomfortable. It is a good practice to invest in more breathable masks that are a tight fit but absorb your sweat and do not add to the discomfort.