3PLY Disposable Face Mask 3 PLY
3PLY Disposable Face Mask 3 PLY - 50 Masks
3PLY Disposable Face Mask 3 PLY
3PLY Disposable Face Mask 3 PLY
3PLY Disposable Face Mask 3 PLY

3PLY Disposable Face Mask 3 PLY - 50 Masks


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3 Ply Disposable Face Masks - IN STOCK


Our 3ply Disposable Face Mask is made from a non-woven material with soft elastic ear loops, making them easy and comfortable to wear. 3PLY comes in the following colors: Blue, Black, Pink, Purple, and White. We suggest you do not attempt to re-use the masks, simply dispose of them after each use and wear a new disposable mask each time you need to.

You can buy our 3 ply face masks online and we hold stock for next day shipping. The elastic straps and adjustable nose clip help adjust the mask to different face shapes and sizes. 

We do not recommend these 3 ply civilian masks for medical or surgical use. 

  • We will by default send you Black on Black 3PLY.

  • If you want Black On White Message us after placing your order. 

  • Lead Time: 1 Day
  • 50 Masks Per Pack
  • Mask Measurements (+/- 1MM)
    • Black: 170MM x 94MM
    • Blue: 170MM x 94MM
    • Pink: 175MM x 95MM
    • Purple: 173MM x 94MM
    • White: 173MM x 93MM
  • Each face mask is constructed with a unique 3-ply non-woven fabric & melt blown cloth for face protection. This allows for comfortable wear, breathability, and face coverage.
  • Value: Our Face Masks are developed using our global and domestic operations to enable premium quality and value. We've been committed to our customers for over 30 years.
  • Skin-Friendly Materials: Our disposable face masks are made of environmental friendly material which is non-irritating, soft and comfortable. Suitable for home, office, school, park, playground, nail salon etc., and outdoor cycling, home decorating, traveling etc.

    3-ply non-woven disposable mask, civilian standard grade. Secured with elasticated loopholes for ears

    How to fit your 3 ply non-woven Face Mask
    1. Hold mask with ear loops
    2. Place mask over nose and mouth
    3. Secure with ear loops
    4. Press down on nose clips to fit
    5. Breathe out checking for escaping air
    6. Avoid touching your face at all time
    how to wear a disposable face mask step 1how to wear a disposable face mask step 2
    how to wear a disposable face mask step 3how to wear a disposable face mask step 4

    Why We're Different

    Our products are made in carefully chosen factories, manufactured with highest quality, and oversight, and all the proper certifications.

    We are family-owned and operated business in the USA. We ship our orders on the same day they are placed right out of New Jersey.

    We are a FDA Registered Medical Device Company, which means our products surpass the highest level of criteria for the testing of harmful chemicals and synthetics. Unlike other Personal Protection Brands, we do not sell inauthentic products.

    Customer Reviews

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    Sheri D. Berry

    3PLY Disposable Face Mask - Black 3 Ply - 50 Masks

    Donald Fontaine


    Black 3ply disposable mask

    Can breathe comfortable in them.

    Char MaCabe
    Great purchase

    Comfortable, good fit.

    Jeff Durham

    Great for 1 time use!