Everything You Need To Know About 3 Ply Surgical Mask

It is still essential to wear masks due to the global pandemic COVID-19. Although more people are getting vaccinated every day the Coronavirus variants continue to be a cause for concern. There are many different masks available to wear in various conditions. This includes the N95 mask, KN95, 3 ply face mask, etc. This article provides more information on the 3 ply surgical face mask.

What is a 3 ply surgical mask?

A 3-ply surgical mask is a mask with 3 layers as the name suggests. This is essentially made from non-woven fabric to make breathing easy and allow the clean air to enter easily. These types of masks tend to be low-cost ones and can be used by anyone. This type of mask is quite effective too; it can help eliminate about 95% of the pollutants for the air to breathe. These are not meant to be reusable masks rather are disposable ones meant for single use.

3 PLY Disposable Face Mask 3PLY - 50 Masks


1. Is 3 ply mask a surgical mask?

Yes, this is a 3 layer mask with the outer layer being a hydrophobic non-woven layer to repel water droplets. body fluids, and blood.

2. Is 3 ply mask a medical grade?

This is a special medical grade face mask with higher protection than a civilian mask. It is one with 3 layers with inner and outer layers being non-woven and the middle layer made from high standard filter paper.

3. Is 3 ply or 4 ply mask better?

The 4 ply mask offers an extra layer of protection and is a slight improvement over the 3 ply one. It has 99% bacterial particle filtration.

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