Design Your Own Face Mask for Your Company

Design Your Own Face Mask for Your Company

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought many changes since it started a year ago. One of those changes has been the introduction of face masks into our daily lives.

The World Health Organization changed its guidance over the wearing of face masks in June 2020. As a result, they've become a familiar part of our wardrobes.

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Yet they don't just have to be a bland or impersonal accessory. If you have a business, you can create custom masks for your employees. They're a great way to keep them safe and spread your brand message.

Wondering how to design a custom mask for your brand? Read on to learn more.

The Benefits of a Custom Mask

The benefits of any COVID face mask are obvious during a pandemic. They help to reduce the spread of infection by catching the water droplets we breathe out. 

Yet what are the benefits of a custom face mask? Employees become a walking billboard for your brand, even outside their working hours. 

Every interaction a person has with your brand is called a touchpoint. The more touchpoints, the better a person will recognize your brand.

Seeing employees wearing your logo or tagline helps with this recognition. Even wearing your company colors can be helpful for your business. Having these appear on the face, the part of the body we use to recognize each other, gives it a greater impact. 

It also shows potential customers that you care about safety. That's both your employees' safety and those around them.

How to Choose a Style

We recommend you opt for a custom reusable face mask. They're cheaper to distribute since employees only need one or two. Providing them with a regular supply of disposable masks can get expensive. 

According to the CDC recommendations, masks should have two (or more) layers of fabric. This should be washable and breathable, so don't choose weird fabrics like vinyl.

They also need to cover your nose and mouth. It's best to choose a mask with adjustable earloops so the mask fits against the face. You don't want gaps at the side.

For the same reason, choose a mask that has a nose wire. This lets the wearer customize the fit to their face. It stops air from leaking out at the top. This can be a problem for those who wear glasses since this air can cause them to steam up.

What Materials Are Best?

According to the WHO guidance, fabric masks should have three layers of material to be most effective. 

This can include two layers of fabric for the mask, with an extra filter. Some custom masks come with a filter pocket, which is a great option.

Cotton and silk are both a good fabric choice because they're washable and sturdy. They're also breathable, making them much more comfortable to wear. Using cotton and silk also gives you more options for applying branding to the fabric. 

Avoid stretchy fabrics. Stretching can distort the size of the microscopic holes in the fabric. This allows virus particles to pass through.

How Do You Apply Branding?

There are two approaches to applying your branding to a custom face mask. One is to add your logo to a plain mask. The other is to create a full design. Let's take a look at both options.

Your Logo on a Plain Mask

This is perhaps the most simple option. Choose a plain reusable face mask in a solid color. This might be one of your corporate colors.

Apply the logo or tagline to one side of the mask. It's best to put it on the side where the fabric will lie more flat. Otherwise, it risks becoming distorted over the nose and mouth.

You can have these designs printed onto the fabric before the masks are made. Or you can have them applied using heat transfer after construction.

For an extra boost, why not use contrasting colors for the main mask and the trim? This is another great way to reinforce your corporate colors.

Full-Face Design

Full-face designs are a great way to turn masks into a fun or even trendy accessory. Some designs are very clever, featuring photographs of the wearer's nose and mouth. Others might feature famous smiles, like Batman's Joker.

For a brand, you might choose an illustration in your business's style. Perhaps it's an illustration or graphic that appears on your website. This helps to create a cohesive brand that extends out of cyberspace and into reality.

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You could also have photographs added to the mask. Want a sleek, contemporary look? Commission a pattern that uses your corporate colors and chosen illustrative style. Think geometric patterns or mock-camo designs.

With these full-face designs, you can choose where the logo or tagline should go. If your corporate colors are familiar enough, you might skip the logo altogether. Let your colors do the brand talking for you. 

Encourage Employees to Wear Masks Properly

This may seem a strange inclusion in a guide to designing face masks. Yet it also feeds into branding. Seeing an employee wearing a mask the wrong way can create a bad impression of the overall brand.

Make sure your employees follow best practices when wearing a mask. They should use hand sanitizer before they put their mask on.

They should also avoid touching the mask while wearing it. A well-fitting mask means you don't need to keep adjusting it, which is why it's important to include the adjustable loops and nose wire.

Employees also need to keep the mask over the nose and mouth. Wearing them in any other way makes the mask ineffective.

Which Custom Mask Will You Make First?

Now you can see how a custom mask can be an easy and effective tool to share your brand message. Your employees can share your logo wherever they go.

Meanwhile, they're also sharing the message that you care about public safety. This is a great association to build for your brand.

Keen to get started on custom masks for your business? Contact us today with a wholesale inquiry