4 Signs You Have a Fake Mask

4 Signs You Have a Fake Mask - Brookwood Medical

We are already quite familiar with the various masks available. This is mainly due to the recent pandemic. One of the most popular masks during this time was the N95 mask. However, there are many different types of masks, and they have a wide range of applications as well.

Some of the popular masks include the N95 mask, which is highly effective in filtering a high percentage of minute viral particles. The surgical mask is a medical mask that is also very popular. It is competitively less effective than the N95 mask. However, it is effective for medical purposes.

Some of the other masks are cloth masks, bandanas, KN95, etc. It is important you have the right mask for the right purpose for it to be effective. It is also vital to not get conned into buying a fake mask; since such masks are also not very effective. This article provides more information on how to spot fake masks.

4 Signs You Have A Fake Mask

The best method of ensuring that the mask you are buying is a genuine one is to buy one from a reputable manufacturer and buy it from a well-known store. For example, if you buy from Brookwoodmed.com, you can be sure they are genuine. 

Here are 4 signs of a fake mask:

1. Packaging: The packaging will be of good quality and make it easy to confirm that it is packaged by the manufacturer. The packaging itself would be tamper-proof as well.

2. Expiration Date: A genuine mask will usually have an expiration date. The reason for the expiration date is that the particle-repelling electrostatic charge on the respirator masks tends to degrade over a period of time.

3. Mask Terminology: Each mask is likely to have official text printed. This text would usually have official terminology and is often used incorrectly if it is a fake mask. A genuine mask would usually have text like Ápproved by NIOSH'. Hence in the case where you spot one with text like "FDA Approved," it is surely a fake.

4. Obvious signs: The fake mask manufacturers either tend to try too hard or do not try hard enough to be genuine. This might be placing more text than necessary in an attempt to be genuine. On the other hand, it can also be that they have failed to place any information on the mask.

    Where To Buy Genuine Masks

    The best place to buy a mask is from an eCommerce store since this eliminates the need to visit the store personally, saving time and money. Brookwood Med is an eCommerce store that sells a wide range of genuine masks. We provide the best personal protective masks. We went out of our way to provide the best masks during the pandemic and continue to supply a wide range of masks like adult masks, children masks, sports masks, etc. We offer guarantees for the quality and genuineness of the mask sold in our store. For example, you can be sure that the KF94 or 3-ply masks you buy from here are genuine.


    Masks provide a wide range of protection from viruses and dust, and they also protect medical personnel during their duties. However, one of the common issues when buying masks is the issue of fake masks. There are many ways one can spot a fake mask; one of the best methods is to buy from a genuine store. Brookwood Med is one such store; we are an eCommerce store where you can find all types of genuine face masks.